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The following comparision chart describes how each system works. Some Franchises may vary with the way they operate the learning center.

Origin South Korea Japan US
Class Duration
1 hr (50 minutes teaching + 10 min review time by teacher)

20-30 minutes work time, twice a week

Hourly basis.
Fee Structure     
Monthly $120 for Math, $110 for English, $140 for Problem Solving, $140 English Reading & Writing (PRICE is subjected to Capital District area)

$100 per subject monthly.

 $45-55 range per hour.
No contract
May be 3-6 months contract depending on center
Prepaid program
Teaching Pattern 
NY Certified Teacher for each subject. No Teacher lead classes, only Checkers/Graders. One Main Instructor for all students  for any discussion. Certified teachers.
Teacher-Student Ratio
1 teacher 5 or 6 students for each subject No teacher. One instructor, one assistant for 20-30 students.
1 teacher per 3 students of varying age and program
Class Room
Dedicated class room for 5 students for each subject 
One big center room for all students.
One Big center room with small groups.
Program style
    Prospective student will be given a Diagnostic Test (1 hr-1.30 hr) that suits his/her grade level.     Individually Prepared  Learning Program for each student.       Student will attend a one hour class weekly for each subject. 10 min for review time. 50 min teaching time. Teacher teaches key pages in class, homework pages will remain for home. Student arrives at the center 15 min early to hand in previous week's work book to Grader to get homework evaluated. Grader may write notes to teacher and Directors as necessary.     Director may discuss with parents periodically as needed.  
       The first step for the student after arriving is to go to the check-in desk to turn in the completed home work. Each student receives a folder with new packets of home work as well as the class work.     The student then finds a seat and begins the class work.     Upon completion, the class work is turned in to one of the assistants for grading. Any mistakes are corrected by the student and rechecked by the assistant.     Reading students will read aloud to the assistant.  Math students, depending on level, will work on a magnetic number board, write in a numerical note book, and do oral math facts with the assistant.     The student takes the completed class work to the Main Instructor. The Instructor and student will discuss any problems and set goals for the upcoming home work.     The student returns the folder to the Check-In desk and is ready to leave.     Prospective student takes a Skills Assessment Test (4 hours) which covers Reading, Writing, and Math. Based on results, Sylvan Director tailors the program to match the child's learning needs. Sylvan Teachers will be teaching key pages in each work book then student will work independently. Program works on Hourly basis. No home work is given.
Class work
Teacher teaches Key (7-8)pages from each work book. The rest is for home work.
Work sheets are provided each week. Students will pick up their class work sheets each week and start working on them. Home work sheets will be given additionally. 
Teacher teaches and helps to complete work book each week.
Parent Involvement
JEI Work books are given to students to take home for home work. Each work book has a Interim test and answer sheet. Parents are advised to evaluate their child's home work. Parent is directly informed weekly. 
Kumon worksheets are done at home. Parents may observe the child's work and help them finishing it.
Sylvan does not give any books to take home. Parents are not involved directly.
After program evaluation
JEI conducts an Achievement Test at the end of the program. This test will indicate the next grade level books needed as well as an analysis of the recent program.
The child will automatically enter into next level in math and start the program. 
Periodic evaluation process. Parents will be informed through Progress Reports.